Get Involved

Do you have free time?


Would you like to get more involved with our activities?


Whether you are young or mature, have lots of free time or just a little, SWESRS needs VOLUNTEERS.

From Finance to Fund Raising, Publicity to Catering, the synagogue has a wide variety of groups and committees, who all need and would welcome new volunteer members.

So why not join us? You will meet new people and make new friends and have fun in the process

Please call Deborah in the synagogue office for more details 0208 599 0936

Here are some of the areas of Synagogue life where you can get involved:-

The Alonim Editorial Group produces a regular newsletter which goes to all SWESRS members and to other synagogues within the Reform Movement. The group is particularly looking for new members with publisher or design software experience, who enjoy writing articles, or who are able to source and look after advertising.

Care Network
The Care Network deals with the care of those with special needs in the community, hospital, home visits, etc. Anyone wishing to contribute to the work is always welcome.

Catering Committee
This group was set up to raise funds for the shul, by providing Extended Kiddushim for members looking to mark a special occasion like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a significant anniversary. The group also prepare Extended Kiddushim for Family Services and would be delighted to welcome new members.

Chagim Working Party
Our Senior Warden is looking to revive this group which plans for Jewish festivals, co-ordinating services, catering and service specific needs. The group will meet as often as required, to plan for festivals and other significant days in the Jewish calendar.

The Choir meets Tuesday evenings and sings every Shabbat morning and at festival services. The choir would like to hear from anyone who is interested in joining the group.

Education and Youth (E&Y)
This Committee together with the Rabbi co-ordinate the Education services provided to adults and children within SWESRS community.

Finance Committee
The aim of this monthly Committee is to initiate, carry out and co-ordinate with other groups, a wide variety of ideas and events to reduce costs, boost income and provide the maximum value for money services, to SWESRS members; as well as preparing regular management accounts and financial updates for the community. New members wanted!

Fund Raising
This Committee plans and delivers a regular series of fun & popular fundraising events, designed to raise ongoing funds for the synagogue. If you have new ideas and time to commit, please contact us.

The Guild
The Guild usually meet the second Thursday each month to discuss and plan the weekly Shabbat morning Kiddush rota and to arrange and organise fundraising events.
New Committee members would be very welcome.

House Management Group is responsible for the maintenance and orderly working of synagogue buildings, grounds and heating systems. Anyone with appropriate experience, please get in touch.

Membership Group
The Membership group together with other groups promotes membership of SWESRS and welcomes new members to the synagogue, helping them feel at home. It holds an annual new members lunch and other regular Shabbat morning events. The group is looking for new members to help with this vital work.

Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee aims to meet monthly with the object of promoting the synagogue by getting articles published in the Jewish and local press on recent events held at SWESRS. The group also write and submit articles to Alonim. New members are needed to help promote and publicise forthcoming events.

Security Group
The Security Group organises and co-ordinates the security of SWESRS services and events. It provides a visual presence to deter would be anti-Semitic activists. This vital work ensures the safety of SWESRS members and new members are always needed.

The Senior Warden organises the rota for Wardens and Shamashim at every religious service. This work ensures the smooth running of services, allowing the congregation to fully enjoy and participate in the spiritual atmosphere of our services.

All our groups welcome new members so it would be great if you would like to join one of them.

It's easy to get involved - please call the SWESRS office 0208 599 0936 for more information or contact us.

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