Apart from Shabbat services, we celebrate all of the Festivals in a variety of ways, including Chavurah (communal meals), a communal breaking of the fast, a Chanukah celebration, a tree planting ceremony at Tu b’Shvat, an evening megillah reading at Purim, a communal second night Seder and services for Yom ha-Shoah and Tisha b’Av.


  • Communal Seder Service

    Saturday March 31, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

    Members and their guests are welcome and it will be an opportunity to participate in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. All the traditional songs will be sung, and in accordance with tradition your questions will be encouraged.

    The three course meal will be fully kosher for Pesach and will be accompanied by the usual four glasses of wine; as much Matzah as you can eat and all the normal trappings of the Seder.



    Children under the age of 12 £12.00 each
    Senior Citizens (members) £21.00 each
    Older children and adults £24.00 each
    All Non Members £25.50 each

    To avoid disappointment and so that tickets can be sent out, please contact the Synagogue Office, no later than Friday 23rd March. There are a maximum number so early booking is advisable.


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