Our services are held at Oaks Lane, Newbury Park.

Erev Shabbat: Friday evening – all year round at 8.30 p.m. followed by Kiddush.

Shabbat morning service: Every Saturday at 10.30 a.m. followed by Kiddush.

Kol Ha Mishpachot (Voice of the Family) services are usually held every 6 weeks. Please see the list of services below to find out the date of the next Family Shabbat morning service, suitable for all ages, with light lunch to follow.


Shabbat Services

  • Erev Shabbat T’tzavveh

    Friday February 23, 8:30 pm

    Service starts at 8:30pm

  • Shabbat T’tzavveh / Zachor

    Saturday February 24, 10:30 am

    Service starts at 10:30am

    Two scrolls

  • Shabbat Ki Tissa

    Saturday March 3, 10:30 am

    Service starts at 10:30am

    The Children’s Service will start 10.20am — there will be the usual singing and fun plus chocolates for everyone celebrating their birthday and of course Kiddush.

  • Joint Friday Night Service with EL&ELS

    Friday March 9, 8:30 pm

    Erev Shabbat Parah - Va-yakhel-P'kudei

    A joint service will be held at SWESRS with the East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue. The service will be led by SWESRS.

    Service starts at 8:30pm

  • Shabbat Parah – Va-yakhel-P’kudei

    Saturday March 10, 10:30 am

    Service starts at 10:30am

    Kol Hamishpachot - Family Service, bring all the family, the more the merrier!

    Followed by Kiddush.

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