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Baby Blessings

I love having baby blessings and Aufrufs in the synagogue and being invited to the home of a family where a baby has just been born. The anxiety and joy mix together to create a euphoria for the young couple.  The relatives and friends can't help but kvell, and the joy welcomes everyone into a feeling of celebration.

Please let the synagogue know if you, your children or grandchildren are expecting a simcha, so we can help elevate the moment through community and ritual.

This weeks' Torah portion contains a reference to a ceremony called Kiddush Peter Rechem or Pidyon HaBen- a ceremony I have been at twice in my Jewish life.  The first was my own, when I was been redeemed from a life of service to the Priesthood.  The second was that of a beloved congregant (which you can read about here.)

The reason I wanted to raise this ceremony to your attention isn't because I think it is right for every family - but rather as an example that we can take ancient traditions and make them into meaningful moments of personal celebration.  Instead of a monetary exchange, or an echo of the pain of Egypt, many of our ceremonies today are about dedicating our children to lives based around meaningful Judaism.

By making personal moments of joy into communal celebrations, we can all be reminded of the values we hold dear and be reminded of the joys of communal Jewish life.  Please do let us know what simchas you are marking, so that we all can be joined together in joy.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Jordan