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What We Ought To Be Doing

The crisis in Ukraine is ongoing, and will be ongoing for many years in the lives of the families who will shudder when the hear a jet flying overhead, ducking when the hear a loud boom, and seeking to re-build lives shattered by an aggressive war.

Already our sister-communities in Europe are taking in families, helping them regain their footing and rebuild their lives.  Details will be forthcoming soon for how you can get involved as SWESRS discusses partnering with a Eastern European community that is going above-and-beyond to welcome mothers and their children, helping them find housing and moving from living on tzedakah to finding steady work.  Details are forthcoming, and will be shared when they are available.

Already here, some of our families have submitted their information to the government here: letting the government know they can host.

The name of this week’s Torah portion is ’Tzav’, which is often translated to “command”.  However I think of it as what we “ought” to be doing .  Just like our parent commanded us to clean our room, and we sometimes listened and sometimes didn’t - we always had the weight on our shoulders of what we ‘ought’ be doing.  The most common commandment in the Torah is to look after strangers (Baba Mtziah 59b).

Let us listen to the voice which echoes through the centuries, through our grandparents and parents, through our teachers and fellow congregants - which reminds us again and again what we ought to be doing to make our world more complete.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Jordan