Stop Press

Gather the whole people together, and I will give them water.

When we are exhausted and thirsty – when we are in pain so that we crying out in the midst of the desert – where will our help come from?

This week, my precious United States allowed public Christian prayer on the football pitch, the open carrying of firearms, and gives the power of reproductive choice to that State rather than to women.  I want to say unequivocally – if you feel like you need someone to talk to because of a hard choice you are facing – I am willing to listen.  This week I worry for the women in Middle America who just saw the door to a future they wished to choose slam shut.

This Saturday morning in the Torah Breakfast, Rabbi Lev will detail the Jewish view on abortion.  The preview I’ll give here, is that it is more complicated than a simple ‘no’. And I’ll add that Reform Judaism rightfully sides with giving women power to make an informed choice – above and beyond the tradition we have inherited.

When our people ask for relief in this week’s Parasha, God asks that Moses gather them so that they may be sated.  Often it is the gathering of our sacred community together that provides relief.  When our community gathers, comfort flows. God lives in those connections, flowing through the burbling conversations which overtake our floors and hallways, and provide comfort to throats in need of relief.

Gather on Zoom or in Shul this Shabbat, learn from Rabbi Lev on this difficult topic, and spend time drinking from the stream of conversation which surrounds the learning.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Jordan