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Celebrating our Volunteers

Are human beings naturally individualistic, self-centred and possessed of a ‘selfish gene’? Or are kindness, compassion and collaboration essential to human nature? Contrary to the media’s tendency to focus on the negative, one of the unexpected consequences of life under lockdown has been an overwhelming surge amongst young and old alike of reaching out to those in need, and of concern for our neighbour. This is true of the nation, of the Jewish community in general, and true for our own SWESRS community too.

This Shabbat is National Volunteers Shabbat – an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous work of our SWESRS volunteers – sustaining our community in regular times, as well as reaching out to those in need during lockdown. Please join us for a special celebratory service when we will hear a range of different members speak about their volunteering, as well as honour some of our outstanding volunteers. The service will be followed by a Celebration Lunch online – please bring your own food! – with an opportunity to be inspired by more of our volunteers sharing their experience.

Wishing You All a Shabbat Shalom, Stay Safe and Be Well,

Rabbi Lisa