Stop Press

My Dear Community,

This will certainly be a New Year unlike any other! Our world is changed forever, and we have so much to pray for…

I am grateful that we are still able to be together in community even though our building is closed. What a blessing that technology has afforded us a way to gather at this holiest season of the Jewish year. In ancient times some of our most important prayers, including the Kaddish, were translated from Hebrew to Aramaic, the vernacular of the time, to include as many people as possible in the prayers. Today a different translation has taken place, moving our prayers online, allowing us to strengthen the bonds that connect us even in this time of pandemic.

I hope to see many of you online for our Rosh HaShanah celebrations this weekend, including those of you for whom the experience will be unchartered terrain. We now have live streaming up and running, so you have the choice of joining our services actively by Zoom, or to watch on the live stream. For those who will not be joining us online, I hope you nevertheless make time to pray at home. For all of us, at home or online, prayer has the power to bring our deepest selves into encounter with God. In the pages of the Festival machzor, through quiet meditation, connecting with Nature just sitting in our garden or walking in the forest or park, Rosh HaShanah invites us to pause, to be still, and to reflect on our deepest yearnings for the coming year, our hopes and fears, our place in the world. With effort and honest reflection, may we all experience the power of our New Year for finding meaning in our lives and transformation.

Wishing you All a Healthy, Happy, Good and Sweet New Year,

Rabbi Lisa