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Liberation is Just Beyond the Dawn

This week’s Torah portion Vaera recounts the first of the 7 Ten Plagues in Egypt, and next week the final 3: locusts, darkness and the slaying of the first born. The past 10 months have been an experience of modern-day plague. For some, the toll of lockdown on their mental health has felt, in its resulting isolation and restriction, like a plague of darkness. This week we are marking JAMI Mental Health Awareness Shabbat, to raise awareness of mental health, and to learn how we can support good mental health in ourselves and those around us, all the more so in these current times. Our community plays an important role in keeping us connected and raising our spirits, knowing that we are never alone.

On that last night in Egypt before the liberation, the Israelites gathered in their family units, daubing blood on their doorposts to mark out their homes against the danger of the Angel of Death. It was a night of watching and waiting. So too must we stay home, vigilant against the danger of the Covid virus, doing everything we can to reduce the risk of transmission, and accepting vaccination when it is offered. Tragically, not all of us have escaped the virus’s sword of death. But as the vaccine roll-out continues, our liberation is also just beyond the dawn, as it was for the ancient Hebrews.

Stay safe and be well.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Lisa