I hope you all had a good Pesach, despite – or even because of – the strange times we are experiencing. I know many of our members enjoyed online seders with family and friends around London, around the country, and around the world! Certainly, our SWESRS communal seders and yontof services were well attended and uplifting; strengthening the new online community we are building in response to physical lock down. If you have not yet mastered the technology, and need help joining us online, please do contact the Office. We have volunteers happy to guide you through the steps so that you can be part of our services, learning and meeting online.

On Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach we read verses from the Song of Songs. Shir HaShirim is a Love Poem between God and the Jewish People, sung as we journey together through the Wilderness during the 7 weeks linking Pesach, our Festival of Freedom, to Shavuot, when we will receive anew the Torah on Mount Sinai.

This year we will count the 49 days of the Omer in a way different to any other, counting, we hope and pray, towards a decrease in the daily death toll from Coronavirus, and an easing of the lock down restrictions. More than ever, the mitzvah not just to count each day, but rather to ‘Make Each Day Count’ is a compelling invitation. An invitation to treasure time and to use it wisely, joyfully, creatively; to count our blessings and celebrate the things we do have control over;  and most of all, to reach out and connect in love to family, friends and community.

Stay safe and Be Well,

Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Lisa