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We have embarked on the period of the Omer – a journey from slavery to freedom and receiving Torah at Mount Sinai. Just a every weigh station of the Israelites in the desert is named and marked in our Torah text, so too our calendar in these current weeks is filled with significant event in the history of the Jewish people.

On Wednesday we commemorated Yom HaShoah, the Jewish memorial for our six million dead. Reform Judaism held an extremely moving ceremony and this was followed by the ECAMPS Yom HaShoah commemoration which included a powerful testimony by Holocaust survivor Susie Barnett. There was also the Yom HaShoah UK National Holocaust Commemoration which can be watched by clicking here.

Next week, we will be marking Yom HaZikaron, followed by celebrations for Yom Ha’Atzmaut. For information about the joint Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism events click here.

I am marking my own weigh station as I move out of my lovely flat in Barkingside this week.

Stay Safe, Be Well and Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Lisa