This week I have been taking some welcome time off, and attending a Jewish Meditation Retreat online. Participants and instructors have joined from the East and West Coasts of America, Israel, the UK and Denmark! The wonders and miracle of Zoom! Finding ways to rest and renew ourselves, even in lockdown, is just as important as in regular times. Part of my reconnecting and rebalancing has been walking in Epping forest every morning at 7am with friends – what ancient power there is those trees and deep green sanctuaries of Nature! Trees will be part of one session’s theme for next week’s ECAMPS Shavuot celebrations – this year we are also partnering with Shaarei Tzedek Reform Synagogue – a very exciting collaboration.

Wishing you all a Peaceful, Restful and Renewing Shabbat, and looking forward to seeing you for services on Shabbat morning with Mich Sampson, joining us for the first time for a regular Shabbat morning service.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Lisa