Stop Press

This week, the Torah teaches us the importance of tzedakah. While we often translate this as "charity," its root is tzedek, which means justice. Tzedakah is a little bit of justice: some redistribution from those who don't need it to those who do.

In Ancient Israel, tzedakah was collected from everyone as tithes This was 10% of each person's harvest and cattle. Whatever anyone made, they gave away a tenth.

According to our traditions, we should still be giving away a tenth of our income every year. Some people do. Personally, I never quite manage to donate as much as I think I should, but this time of year summons us to reflect on how we spend our money and where it ought to go.

With Rosh Hashanah fast approaching, let's all take a look at our finances and see if we can give just a little bit more.

Shabbat Shalom

Student Rabbi Lev