Stop Press

Dear SWESRS members and friends,

What and odd week it’s been. We started it with Shavuot (sorry for the technical glitches that I learned of too late), we were finally allowed by the government to hug and even have a drink without getting wet. We prayed together for peace, and now the news about a ceasefire in Israel has been realised. We have witnessed some highly disturbing anti-Semitic outbursts, but also how communities can come together to defend the most fragile among them.

This week’s parasha, Parashat Naso, is not only the longest but also one of the most diverse parashot in the Torah, but at its heart stand the stories of the Nazirite - a person who took upon themselves and the woman after labour, and the rituals that end the periods of living somewhat apart from the rest of the world. When the Nazirite hair is finally cut, when the woman may immerse and go back to the temple, the bald heads – both of the Nzirite and of the baby become a promise of new life, of leaving sorrow behind. So may this week bring with it the hope of rebirth and taking away pain, so we can finally find our way back to  what we never thought we would long for – the normal.

Shabbat Shalom,

Student Rabbi Tali