Stop Press

Dear SWESRS members and friends,

I know many of you would laugh at my referring to myself as getting older, but I will nevertheless say that as I am getting older, I am learning to appreciate days and weeks in which nothing too dramatic is happening. When the noise the world makes is not so loud that it deafens me to hearing those tiny seeds of happiness found in just existing in good health, among friends and family.

This Shabbat is the Queen’s official birthday. It is a strange concept for someone who did not grow up here. Why would anyone (who does not follow both the Gregorian and Jewish calendar) have two birthdays? I don’t know what the real reason is, but I would like to think that the official summer birthday is there to give people an opportunity to just enjoy, reminding them to take a moment to be happy when they can, and when it’s (hopefully) not wet. So in honour of our capacity to put worries aside for a little, Mich Sampson and I have decided to make our Shabbat service this week about joy. After all, if Moses rejoiced in Torah, why shouldn’t we?

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi (I am officially allowed to be called that now) Tali