Member News

During the past three months Officers and Council of SWESRS have been concentrating on the various options to secure the financial future of the synagogue.

A Property Sub Committee has been established which has been researching and evaluating the various options to release capital locked up in our site.

A Strategic Planning Sub Committee has started to meet and is looking at longer term initiatives to retain and engage more with our existing members, to attract new members and to look at the future of our community.

SWESRS members are invited to attend a Community meeting on 13th January 2019. The outcome of this meeting is crucial, to direct SWESRS’ Council, the Property and Strategic Planning Sub Committees with their future work on behalf of our community.

We hope to see many members at this important meeting.

Officers, Council together with the Property and Strategic Planning Sub Committees will provide further updates and information as progress is made, but whatever the ultimate recommendations may be, on property or strategic initiatives, it will be YOU, the members, who will decide on any and all changes.