Member News

This year will be a year like no other. Due to Covid-19 all services will be held on Zoom. Whilst all of us will miss being together in person, seeing old friends, hearing the uplifting voices of the Choir, there are silver linings to being online. We will be able to enjoy services from the comfort of our own homes, no one will have to stress about parking or security, we will enjoy seeing everyone’s faces together on our screens, and even be able to sing along without worrying about being in tune! Additionally, we will have the unique opportunity to join communities from across the country for Reform Judaism’s First Day Rosh HaShanah Family and Youth activities, to join Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner for a Second Day Rosh HaShanah service, and to join RJ on Yom Kippur too.  We are delighted to welcome Student Rabbi Tali Artman who will be with us this year. If you haven’t yet joined us online, please think about participating in a Shabbat service beforehand to make your High Holy Day experience a little easier. If you don’t have a way to join us by Zoom, please contact the office to discuss possible ways to get you connected.

CLICK HERE for service information - all the links for our High Holy Day services will be sent to you by 11th September.