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This year the theme is 'Be light in the darkness.'

Our survivors, and righteous among the nations are our lights - and it is our responsibility to listen to them with empathy, reflect on our own place in the world - and hope our future generation will be more inclined to act to counteract racism, intolerance and in equality.

It is our duty to ensure the flame of the Holocaust survivors' testimony continues to shine.

In 1983 I was privileged to meet Bat-Sheva Dagan, Holocaust Survivor, psychologist, educator, and shilcha for then RSGB Education here. She has educated children, teachers, and the public, in Israel, Germany, Poland, Russia, Mexico, and UK and addressed Parliaments in Germany, German States, EU, and spoken at the 70th and other anniversaries at Ravensbruck and Auschwitz!

Here is a poem from her book of the same title: Imagination - Blessed Be, Cursed Be

Blessed my imagination

cursed my imagination

it drove me nearly mad.

It made me angry,

nervous, tense,

miserable and sad.


And yet at times

it let me dream

a dream of liberty,

to take me closer to a world,

a world  where man is free.