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Jake Cohen, the 5 year old grandson of our members Hilary and Phil Ashleigh, is suffering from Neuroblastoma cancer. An appeal was launched in mid-December by his parents, Hannah (who grew up  at SWESRS) and Adam in conjunction with Solving Kids Cancer - a charity who provide support to families affected by Neuroblastoma.

The aim of this campaign is to secure the funds necessary to ensure that whatever lies ahead for Jake, his family will be able to access the best possible treatment options, wherever they may be found across the globe. As you can imagine it is has been an extremely difficult time for the family since Jake was diagnosed in July 2017 but they nevertheless remain positive that the treatment will ultimately be successful.

They are raising money with the hope of accessing maintenance therapies when Jake reaches remission which could reduce his chance of relapse.  In particular the Bivalent vaccine trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in New York.  At the same time they are acutely aware that plans can change, and it may be that the money could be needed for alternative options if he were to relapse before reaching the end of front line treatment with the NHS.

The links to make a donation are as follows:

Any donation received no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. SKC will hold all donations (including those made via JustGiving) in a designated fund which is set aside for Jake.  They will keep the money in his fund for five years once he reaches remission.  If for any reason we do not use the money, it will be transferred into SKC's general funds to support research and clinical trials aiming to cure Neuroblastoma.  If it weren't for the monumental campaigning efforts of SKC, we would have been asking for your assistance much sooner, as they are largely responsible for getting the immunotherapy which Jake is currently receiving approved on the NHS.  If and when the time comes for us to access treatment abroad, SKC will also provide us with dedicated family support, liaising with the hospitals on our behalf, arranging treatment, travel and accommodation as well as any scans which may be needed back in the UK which are outside of the NHS.

To follow  Jakes progress you can go to  Facebook - or Twitter - @jaketubeywiggle

To follow Jake’s blog -

All the family are most grateful for any donations you are able to make.