Tuesday 14 June 8pm
Jonathan Goldberg Q.C. Tales of Love, Lust and Greed. Famous criminal court cases, many of which
contain a Jewish element.

Jonathan Goldberg Q.C. is known as one of the United Kingdom`s leading trial advocates and defenders. His rate of acquittals in high-profile jury trials is second to none. He has defended in over a hundred murder trials and has expertise in civil cases where there is an interface of civil and criminal disciplines. This includes such fields as: defamation, contentious commercial disputes, inquests, professional disciplinary tribunals, commercial fraud, bankruptcy, employment disputes, disputed wills, and contempt of court. He is famous for his rare combination of fierceness and fearlessness in the courtroom and in negotiation proceedings. He is known for his style and perfectionism.

The meeting will take place at Loughton Federation Synagogue, 102 Borders Lane, Loughton IG10 1TE. It will also be on Zoom and you can register for the Zoom at

Tickets are £5 for non-members and are free for JHSE members (if you are a JHSE member booking the Zoom option, log in to your account first, before registering for complimentary tickets).

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