A major Jewish communal survey is taking place right now, designed to gather data about the impact of COVID-19. Conducted by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), the survey is exploring the thoughts and experiences of Jews living in the UK who are aged 16 and over. If that applies to you and you haven’t been invited to participate, we would like to invite you to complete the survey. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART!

This research will gather valuable insights into how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Jews in terms of their health, employment, social relationships and Jewish lives. This will allow us all to understand better the overall impact the virus has had, and provide Jewish charities and organisations working across the community with the information they need to help them respond effectively to the many challenges that have emerged. The survey also touches on a number of issues of more general concern to Jews across the country, including the recent war in Gaza, antisemitism in the UK and climate change. All data will be held securely and will only be used for research purposes. Personal data will never be shared with third parties. Your individual answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and no individuals will be able to be identified in the results.

You can read more about this research or ask for help by visiting  or by contacting JPR at or on 0800 044 5077. If you have friends or family who would like to take part but have not yet received an email invitation, please forward this information on to them, or encourage them to visit As well as making your voice heard and helping the community, all survey participants will have the opportunity to win one of five £100 gift vouchers.