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We are delighted to be opening again and returning to our building. As a community, we do all we can to uphold the Jewish value of Pikuach Nefesh, sanctity of life, and keep each other safe.

1. What you can expect from us:
• Our first priority is to keep everyone safe and we will continue to follow government guidelines.
• We will continue to adhere to the highest standards in cleaning the shul.
• We will continue to supply hand sanitsers and have masks available if required.
• We will continue to operate our system of signing in on arrival.
• We will continue to open doors and windows to improve ventilation.

2. What we can expect of each other:
• You MUST NOT attend SWESRS if you feel unwell, think you have a cold or flu, have a temperature, a new cough or a change / loss of taste or smell.
• Prior to attending in person, we strongly recommend a full course of covid-19 vaccine for those aged 18 or over, unless medically exempt.
• We recommend if possible that you use a lateral flow test (these are available free of charge from covid-19 test centres, many pharmacies, or online from
• On entering the building please take your temperature and sign in on arrival with your name and contact number.
• Wash your hands and/or use the hand sanitiser available.
• Please follow the one way system.
• We ask you to please continue to wear a mask when walking around.
• Do not congregate in areas or mingle with others.

3. Services:
• Carefully follow all the instructions listed in point 2 above.
• If space allows, sit within your household and 2 metres/6 feet away from other households.
• Wear a mask until seated 2 metres/6 feet from other non-household congregants, unless medically exempted by a doctor.
• Where possible, sit 2 metres/6 feet from the choir.
• On the bimah, wear a mask unless you are leading the service.
• Please bring your own tallit and kipa and leave your prayer book on the table outside after the service.
• There will not be a kiddush after the service during August.

4. Funerals, stonesettings and shivas:
• We are required to follow JJBS guidelines. Funerals and stonesettings will be held outside and you must wear a facemask. Gatherings are restricted to 50 people.
•You are strongly advised to discuss shivas with us in advance. Where possible, shivas should take place outside. If there are too many people inside and the service leader judges it to be unsafe, the service may not take place.

By following these guidelines, we can all play our part in keeping ourselves and others safe.
For any further information, contact the office: 020 8599 0936 /