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We are delighted to be open for services. As a community, we do all we can to uphold the Jewish value of Pikuach Nefesh, sanctity of life, and keep each other safe.

With Covid numbers increasing we are asking that those attending please read and where possible abide by the following rules:

  • We ask all those attending services in person to take a lateral flow test up to 24 hours prior to attending shul (and not attending if the test is positive). You can collect these from your local pharmacy but will now need a "collect code" which you can get by calling 119 or  going online to
  • We ask that those attending wear a facemask/covering whilst in the building, which can be removed if leading part of the service and for kiddush (eating/drinking).
  • Please use the hand gel provided.
  • We are reserving an area of the prayer hall for those who wish to maintain a suitable distance from others.
  • Although the weather is getting colder we have to keep doors open for ventilation  - please ensure you wear an extra layer if you particularly feel the cold!

To book your place or for further info please contact the shul office - Our thanks in advance for helping us to keep everyone safe. We are looking forward to you joining us in person for our services.