Limmud are so excited to share with you that their High Holy Day publication RENEWAL, by Limmud Festival, is now available to read.

They usually offer to send booklets for participants to read at shul, this year they have adapted to a digital publication, featuring submissions from across the community. Their stories, pictures, recipes and poetry represent how many people are feeling going into the new year, hoping for an opportunity to start afresh, especially after what has been an unexpected and, at times, difficult year.

They hope that you will feel this publication which brings together contributions from across the Jewish world can help to enhance your celebration of the High Holy Days, whatever form that may take this year.  Their focus on Renewal is intended to inspire people and to provide some thought provoking materials as we embark on a new year.   

Limmud also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Limmud Festival will not be able to go ahead as it normally would. Instead, Limmud Festival will be happening in a digital format this year, to preserve some of the favourite parts of Festival, and try some new opportunities. The dates are:

Limmud Festival Shabbat: Friday 25th - Saturday 26th December

Limmud Festival: Sunday 27th - Tuesday 29th December

Please keep your eyes open for more information which will be available in October, including programme details and how to book your place.