Did you know that men and women with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage are 10 times as likely to carry a BRCA gene mutation as the general population?

These gene faults increase the risk of breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer, but knowing your risk can allow you to take action. 

Join Ovarian Cancer Action for an engaging discussion about genetic risk and learn about the steps Jewish families can take to prevent hereditary cancers.

When: Tuesday 29th September 7pm
Where: Online webinar

An online evening of information and discussion to: 

  • Raise awareness of the risk status within the Jewish community
  • Break down taboos and address misconceptions
  • Learn how Ovarian Cancer Action can help you to understand your genetic status

The expert panel includes a blend of personal and professional experience:

  • Jo Stanford: Ovarian Cancer Action’s Cancer Prevention Officer and BRCA1 carrier
  • Rabbi Oliver Joseph: Rabbi Oliver Joseph: Masorti Rabbi and BRCA carrier
  • Genetic Counsellor: Cheryl Berlin, Lead Cancer Genetic Counsellor, NW Thames Regional Genetic Service
  • Rachel: A patient representative
  • Talya: A patient representative

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