Thursday 11 June from 6pm – 7pm join ‘Redbridge Stands in Solidarity Against Racial Injustice #BlackLivesMatter’ event online. In Redbridge we are proud of our diversity and our strong feeling of community. We recognise the need to tackle discrimination and hate at all levels.

This event is open to all, please share widely.  You can join the event through this link –


Redbridge Stands in Solidarity Against Racial Injustice #BlackLivesMatter
Thursday 11 June 2020 from 6pm – 7pm

1. Welcome and Chair – Yusuf Patel MBE
2. Opening – Cllr Jas Athwal
3. Statement from Redbridge Conservative Group – Cllr Linda Huggett
4. Statement from Redbridge Labour Group – Cllr Judith Garfield MBE
5. Thoughts of Patrick Vernon OBE
6. Thoughts of Cllr Anita Boateng
7. Thoughts of Stephen Addison BEM
8. Thoughts of Fatima Zaman
9. Thoughts of Winslow Green
10. Thoughts of Carol Ellison
11. Close – Cllr Jas Athwal

1. Cllr Jas Athwal (Leader of Redbridge Council)
2. Cllr Linda Huggett (Leader of the Conservative Group)
3. Cllr Anita Boateng (Councillor for Bridge Ward)
4. Cllr Judith Garfield MBE (Councillor for Barkingside Ward)
5. Carol Ellison (Redbridge Council – BAME Network)
6. Fatima Zaman (Advocate at Kofi Annan Foundation, Scholar at Obama Foundation)
7. Patrick Vernon OBE (Social Commentator and Windrush Campaigner)
8. Stephen Addison BEM (CEO of Box Up Crime)
9. Winslow Green (Caribbean Melting Pot, Redbridge)
10. Yusuf Patel MBE (Community Engagement Coordinator, Redbridge Council)