Member News

During the High Holy Days, our thoughts move towards those who are in need of our support financially.  This is traditionally the Jewish time for giving and we hope that you will be as generous as you possibly can with your donation for this year’s High Holy Day Appeal. Thank you to those of you who have already generously donated to this year's appeal.

Here is a reminder of the  three charities your council has nominated this year are.

SWESRS Community Care Co-ordinator Fund Raising Appeal - Kol Nidre 5780 marks the launch of our brand new Fund Raising Appeal for a part-time Community Care Co-ordinator.  We are an ageing community. 25% of our members are over 80. In any given week, we have members in hospital, members poorly at home, and members isolated and lonely at home. Despite Rabbi Lisa’s best efforts and the work of our Care Team, there are many of our members in need of support who receive no visit from anyone connected with the shul. Our goal is to raise £18,000, which will pay for a part-time Care Coordinator for 18 months. Please give generously, so that, as a community, we can care compassionately for all our members.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue - an organisation that provides a nurturing home for children at risk where they can live, learn and heal together, transforming the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children in Israel and from across the world. Youth Aliyah Child Rescue takes vulnerable children ‘from survival to leadership’, providing children with a warm and supportive home for life in one of their 5 youth villages and 2 leadership programmes, giving them everything they need to live happy, fulfilling and productive lives.  Thousands of children from Israel and around the world have benefitted from our life-changing work. Today more than 400,000 children in Israel have been deemed at-risk by welfare authorities. With your help we can support Youth Aliyah Child Rescue to reach more of these children.

Langdon - whose mission is to enable Jewish people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. They do this by providing their members with places to live and supporting them to find and secure work and to socialise within their local community.  Langdon supports its members to live a Jewish life in a person-centred manner enabling them to express their Jewish identity in a way that is meaningful to them. Throughout the year, members are empowered to celebrate Shabbat, lifecycle events and Jewish festivals through Friday night dinners, events, activities and educational programmes as well as through joining the local synagogues and communities. With your help, Langdon can continue its mission to provide the extra support people need to lead independent and fulfilling lives.