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It Takes a Community!

A gigantic thank-you to all of the community members who helped make Rabbi Jordan’s Inauguration service so special, and run so smoothly!  Rabbi Jordan spoke about stepping up to help build community - and he admits he had not clue how many people were involved in making the Inauguration service a success.

Thank you to:

The Catering Team:

  • Nina Young
  • Jocelyne Tobe
  • Jocelyn Laws
  • Eleanor Bloom
  • Sheila Chiat
  • Denise Juggler
  • June Andrews
  • Evelyn Dalton

The Security Team:

  • Paul Flanagan
  • Isaac Gotts


  • Steve Robbins

The Tech Team:

  • Sue Terpilowski

The Choir: 

  • Andrej Lipkin
  • David Jacobs
  • Judith Jacobs
  • Eleanor Bloom
  • Paul Gersh
  • Rita Gersh
  • Alex Lipkin
  • Rose Hyman
  • Jacqui Jordan
  • Pearl Maran
  • Leslie Tobe
  • Marion Joseph
  • Jane Igielman
  • Jocelyn Laws


  • John Wells

Office Staff:

  • Deborah Roos
  • Janine Robbins
  • Melissa Davis

Service Leading Team:

  • Rabbi Henry Goldstein
  • Rabbi Lev Taylor
  • Michael Dalton
  • Sue Jackson

And all who contributed to the success of the afternoon!

To watch a video of greetings from our previous rabbis, click here: