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Dr Jemma Helfman will be running a program for young children and their families attending the service at SWESRS. Children 6 and older can attend on their own, but please make sure each child under 5 and below has a guardian attending with them (such as a grandparent).

With music, crafts, storytelling and more, Jemma will help tell the story of the weekly Torah portion in an age appropriate way for those who are present.

The SWESRS service starts at 10:30am, and at around 11:10 when the d'var torah/sermon begins, Dr Helfman will accompany the little ones to their designated area for the week, where they will join the B'nei Mitzvah class helpers for Shabbat fun. The progam will conclude back in the service, around 12:00.

For question, please email