This week World Jewish Relief launched an emergency appeal to help people being forced to flee Afghanistan. Following the Taliban’s insurgency many, including women, girls and ethnic minorities, are facing acute threats to their safety and security and have no choice but to try and escape. Up to 4 million Afghans are now in neighbouring countries. They have lost their families, livelihoods and homes and have nothing but the clothes on their backs. They urgently need humanitarian assistance, and there is immense pressure on host countries to accommodate and protect them. 

The Jewish community’s response to this crisis has been incredible, going above and beyond to show empathy and extend support to Afghan refugees arriving in the UK. As the Jewish community’s humanitarian agency, and the UK’s leading provider of employment support for resettled refugees, World Jewish Relief will be there for Afghans in the coming months and years as they rebuild their lives in the UK.

However, Afghans urgently need our support right now. WJR will be responding in the UK, which has just taken in thousands of Afghans. WJR are in contact with Local Authorities about providing basic assistance to those arriving, for example supermarket vouchers to ensure they do not go without food and necessities. In Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries, where millions of Afghan refugees currently reside and more will follow, WJR are determining the most effective way to deliver emergency food, shelter and hygiene assistance to those most in need. In the UK and overseas WJR will work with our local trusted partners, focusing their response on the needs of women, children and older people. 

Judaism teaches us not to stand idly in the face of suffering and injustice, and our community’s history reminds us why this is so important. World Jewish Relief was founded to help refugees in the 1930s and 40s because they were Jewish; we help refugees today because we are Jewish. 

You can donate today and save lives at or 020 8736 1250.