Join the Zionist Federation & World Zionist Organisation Dept of the Irgun and Israelis Abroad for this insightful online event featuring a variety of engaging speakers from across the cultural and religious divides.

Despite a relatively positive track record, Israel’s LGBTQ reality has many challenges ahead, including education, social and
indeed legal changes to eradicate violence and homophobia and to create a just, egalitarian society for all Israelis.

Monday 28th June, 7pm

Guest Speakers:

Rabbi Noa Sattath, former Executive Director of the Jerusalem Open House, the organisation behind the genesis of Jerusalem Pride

Muhammad Zoabi, Out and Proud Israeli Arab and former IDF soldier

Liana Meirom Asif, Vice President of IGY, the Proud Youth socio-educational organisation working for youth and young people

Guest speaker from Bat Kol, Israel’s only NGO for LGBTQ women providing a home for women of various queer and religious identities.

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