Inspirational Zionists: An Online Celebration of Golda Meir, Israel’s ‘Iron Lady’ - 7:00pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

Join the ZF and WZO with Dr Tuvia Book and Yael Breuer to hear all about Golda, the Western world’s first female head of state, Israel’s iron-willed leader, chain-smoking political operative, tea-and-cake serving grandmother and its fourth prime minister. You can register for FREE at

The Red Sea Exodus: From Sudan to Jerusalem - 7:00pm Wednesday 5th May 2021

Join the ZF and WZO to hear all about this fascinating chapter in Jewish history, from Naftali Aklum who, together with his family in 1980, were among the first groups to make Aliyah to Israel via Sudan in what later became known as ‘Operation Moses’. Naftali will also speak about his experiences as a consultant for the Hollywood movie "The Red Sea Diving Resort" that sold to Netflix. You can register for FREE at

Nadia Cohen: The Untold Story of the Wife of Eli Cohen - 7:00pm Sunday 9th May 2021

In partnership with the United Synagogues (US) and Kinloss Shul, we invite you to join us for this inspiring, educational and insightful discussion with Rabbi Lawrence of Kinloss Shul and Nadia Cohen. The event will be introduced by Mr Esher Armony, a former Mossad General. You can register for FREE at

Against All Odds: The Declaration of Independence - 6:00pm GMT Wednesday 12th May 2021

As part of Zionism Month ( see more at ), the ZF and We Believe in Israel are hosting Professor Paula Kabalo of the Ben Gurion University’s Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism, to hear all about Israel’s Declaration of Independence, as read out by David Ben Gurion on the 14th May 1948. You can register for FREE at

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